Sounds more like a conflict between the USB adapter and the wireless 
access point.

Some things to look at might be:
IPv6 settings on Vista: <>
Disabling IPv6 might simplify networking on this system, although it 
seems unlikely that your client is attempting to use ipv6.  Still, IPv6 
has been known to cause problems with Cisco VPN connections.

MTU settings:
Enable Path MTU (Black-hole router detection):
Or you could just set your MTU to an arbitrary small value:

Also, I would have look for wireless adapter driver updates, and 
firmware updates for the wireless access points.

-Greg Mackinnon

David Houston wrote:
> Home wireless users,
> I'm attempting to help someone with an intermittent problem.
> The OS is Vista Home on an HP laptop/tablet.  Has worked fine, still 
> works in other locations fine (including my house, which is also Burl 
> Telcom). The wireless on the laptop is a USB type as the original 
> failed (but again, this same machine, no changes, is fine at my home).
> Problem is that most often, user attempts to connect to the Internet 
> and gets no connection (the big Red X shows on the outgoing 
> connection), or the connection is so painfully slow as to be 
> unusable.  Ping usually gets me a time out.
> A Mac user at the same location, using the same wireless routers can, 
> at that same time, get on and go with no problems.  No other users in 
> the house at this time.
> If the router is rebooted, it seems to work ok... for a while.  That 
> "while" ranges from 5 minutes to 5 hours, usually 5 minutes.  Then, 
> they have to do it all over again.
> I'm not a Vista expert.  I did look around, did not see anything 
> obviously amiss.
> Question: any other Burlington Telcom users that might have tips for 
> Vista/Vista Home in this or similar configuration?  Any particular 
> settings I should look at?
> Thanks,
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>     University of Vermont
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