Glad to know we are not the only ones. This afternoon a few of us in ResLife
stayed a little late to see what the heck was up with our machines. It
wasn't happening to everybody, but seemed to be related to Windows Updates
we had done during the day and we all noticed NOD32 was taking 99% of the
CPU usage... so explorer would not respond to anything. I tried a couple of
tricks... ended up getting my machine to kind of work with a local account
and limited startup... of course safe mode works.

Thanks for this wealth of information... looks like tomorrow morning will be
slightly easier knowing we have a fix for it. At the moment it was only us
IT guys that had the problem... luckily... we will see how the rest of our
department pans out tomorrow.

Tyler Whitney
IT Support Specialist
Residential Life Department
The University of Vermont

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 6:49 PM, Andrew Hendrickson <
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> Okay, tomorrow may just be a really really bad day for everyone.  Just fair
> warning.
> I've had two reports of machines freezing up with a busy cursor, one Vista
> SP2, ESET NOD32 version 4 and one Windows XP SP2, ESET NOD32 version 3.
> On the Vista machine a "failure - security options: Login process has
> failed to create the security options dialog" would appear.
> On the XP machine, Windows Explorer simply freezes and no keystrokes get a
> response, including the venerable control-alt-del.
> On the Vista machine I discovered that KB972260 had just been installed.
>  When I removed that KB AND removed ESET NOD32, the problem went away.  If I
> tried to run the machine after just removing the KB, the problem remained.
> I confirmed that this was also the case on the Windows XP machine as well.
> KB97260 appears to be a critical out of band update released to rectify
> some serious security flaws in Internet Explorer and is an update for all
> flavors of Windows currently supported and all flavors of IE.
> And, just to set my evening to "extra crispy" when I returned to my office
> my own Vista desktop was waving it's "Failure - Security Options" freaky
> flag.  ;-)
> So far the only thing that appears to work is to either remove the KB and
> ESET, or remove both, block the KB in Windows Update and reinstall ESET.
> Perhaps we could block this particular KB at the update server until ESET
> gets this cleared up?
> I don't think that this is just a bad ESET definition file, because the
> machine runs fine with the KB removed and blocked but ESET installed.
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