Another tip is to get a large construction paper and use paint tape to  
tape the screws on it with # and explantations underneath. Also take  
pictures before taking anything out so you can refer to them.

Paper cups sound good but one issue is you can knock them over etc.

I've used the construction paper many times.


On Jul 2, 2009, at 1:40 PM, David Houston wrote:

> I've not done this particular one, but Bryan's suggestion of small  
> cups is
> a really good one.  I'd add to that: number the cups, and follow the  
> steps
> in numbered order, putting the particular steps' screws into the  
> matched
> cup.  Then, reassembly is much easier and you reduce or possibly  
> eliminate
> the chance of getting any "pocket screws"!
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> On Thu, 2 Jul 2009, Bryan Fleming intoned:
> BF:I've replaced the screen on an Inspiron 6000.   It's not  
> particularly hard,
> BF:but will take some time.  I suggest having a number of small  
> bowls or cups
> BF:for the different size screws and a process to remember what came  
> from where.
> BF:You will be taking apart the bulk of the computer in order to do  
> it.  Take
> BF:your time, be gentle and go slow.  You'll want a small variety of  
> philips
> BF:head screwdrivers.
> BF:
> BF:-Bryan
> BF:
> BF:Tim Raymond wrote:
> BF:> There are instructions on how to do it here:
> BF:>
> BF:>
> BF:>
> BF:>
> BF:> I've not done screen replacement, but I've replaced other parts  
> in Dell
> BF:> laptops that required taking a lot of it apart and while it was  
> very time
> BF:> consuming, the Dell directions were good and things worked out  
> as it seemed
> BF:> they should.
> BF:>
> BF:> Martha Cafferky wrote:
> BF:> > Has anyone had occasion to replace a cracked screen on a  
> laptop (Dell
> BF:> > Inspiron B130)? Is this something I could tackle myself (I'm  
> reasonable
> BF:> > mechanical) or would it be better to send it out for repair.  
> Thanks for
> BF:> > your advise.
> BF:> > Martha
> BF:> >
> BF:>
> BF:

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