On Tue, 14 Jul 2009, Mickey Mossey wrote:

> Here in DAR we have users both here on the main campus, and on the 
> medical campus.  My users on the main campus religiously use Oracle 
> Calendar to track what they're doing and to schedule meetings and the 
> such.   In Med, although they have Oracle Calendar accounts, they use 
> Outlook as their calendar.  As you can imagine, this causes issues when 
> trying to schedule meetings with the folks in Med from our main DAR 
> users, since they don't use Oracle Calendar. 

Hi Mickey - one of the projects on our list is to solve this problem, and 
allow calendar exchange between Exchange systems at COMIS and BSAD, and 
the central calendaring system.

Unfortunately, this isn't likely to happen with the current Oracle 
calendar product.  So, we are going to be looking into new collaboration 
systems for UVM - new email, calendaring, IM, etc... that will support 
calendar integration..  This might be Exchange, or Zimbra, or some other 
commercial product.  Or it might be Google or MS Live or some "cloudy" 

But one of the most key requirements is that we'll be able to have 
calendar data exchange between the central system and other calendar 
systems around campus.

I'll make sure to send you an invite when we're ready to start discussions 
about that again (most likely early fall).