I had a client some time back who had constant webmail slowness while 
trying to use Webmail from South America.

After much trouble shooting (determined client), Scott turned up the 
fact that the client somehow had two sessions open one that was weeks 
old.  According to Scott, this was never supposed to happen.  Once the 
old session was "killed", problem solved.  I'm sure Scott can dilate 
further if necessary.

Perhaps it has happened again?


Jim Lawson wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> It appears to be fine for me, and I haven't heard any direct complaints 
> since yesterday morning.  If you confirm that the problem appears to be 
> associated with her account, send us a note about it and we can look at 
> the account.
> Jim
> Bryan Fleming wrote:
>> Any word on webmail status currently?
>> I've got a user complaining about it being slow still for her.  Seems 
>> ok to me here, she's in the Given building though.  I'll be over that 
>> way in a little while and can check that it really does seem slow but 
>> I thought I'd ask real quick where things were at.

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