Eudora used to provide some basic MAPI functionality, and would cause Office some fits because it replaced the MAPI.dll. I don’t know if that feature still exists, or if it does something else funky. Did you leave Eudora on the system, or remove it?




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I am writing to report success...Here is what I did:
1) Since the issue was brought on by Office 2007 applications, I uninstalled Office and re installed it , updating it to SP2.  That did not change the situation.
2) I unistalled Eudora, but now instead of opening Eudora, I would get an error message telling me that it can't find Eudora.
3) I uninstalled T Bird and reinstalled it using the latest copy from the archive.  No change
4) I reinstalled Eudora  Ta Da   All is now well  TBird is the default client 

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions and enjoy the picnic


Roger Bombardier Jr. wrote:

Hi All,

I had the issue as well on one client machine and like John experienced, the fix did not work (although it does most times).

Uninstalling T-bird, backing up the t-bird profile*, rebooting and reinstalling t-bird seemed to work.

*Note: the profile backup was a safe guard, but proved unnecessary in my case.  But I'd do it anyway.


David Deutl wrote:

Have you checked IE settings? Internet Options -> Programs

John K. Cooley wrote:


Sorry to say that didn't do it.  Maybe there is something similar in the registry for Office??


Quoting Geoffrey Marchand <[log in to unmask]>:

There was a bug in the thunderbird update that caused this

Here is the fix:

1. Click Start - Run
2. enter "regedit" into command line
3. click "allow" when Windows asks to continue (Vista/WIN 7 Only?)
4. Find \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Mozilla Thunderbird
and click it
5. In the right pane you should see DLLPath key
6. If it has no value, mark DLLPath, right click and choose modify
7. Enter location of your mozmapi32.dll (C:\Program Files\Mozilla
Thunderbird\mozmapi32.dll) and click ok.

John K. Cooley wrote:


I have a user who is having an issue with keeping Thunderbird as  the default email client.  The OS is XP sp3.  We have set and reset  TBird as the default client under "Internet Options" - "Programs"  in Control Panel (CP).  I have also used the "Custom" screen under  "Set Program Access and Defaults" on the "Add/Remove Programs in  CP.  When clicking on email links from the browser, all is well. T  Bird is the client that gets selected.  If we open Word2007, and  try to "Send to Email, the default client becomes Eudora.   Unhappily ever-after, the default client is Eudora for all  applications until we reset it as outlined above.   Is there  somewhere in Office2007 that the default client is/can be specified?







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