FileMaker provides two routes to publishing databases on the web and being able to interact with them:  Instant Web Publishing (IWP), and Custom Web Publishing (CWP).  Both have their advantages and limitations.

IWP is the easiest to implement because you simply enable it on any computer running FileMaker Pro/Advanced, and up to 5 web clients at a time can access the database(s) from the web.  Web clients will see the same layouts as in FileMaker so you don’t have to create any special web pages, and the interactions are, for the most part, the same.

CWP, while more complicated, is also more robust.  CWP allows an unlimited number of web clients, but to do so also requires you to run it from FileMaker Server (FMS).  You must also create customized web pages using either XSLT (a form of CSS-like transformation language) or PHP.  There are some tools that come with FMS to help create basic pages, but getting them to look like you want takes some dedicated but well worthwhile effort.

The Computer Depot has been using FileMaker CWP for many years.  I’d be happy to discuss your needs and what solution might best fit them with you.



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Hi -

It seems there's a small team here on UVM's campus that uses Filemaker Pro for their database needs. It's all internally (no outside access) which they enter manually when they receive applications for a service of some sort.

Now they want to put this form online and have the data go to their Filemaker Pro database.

How would they accomplish this? Any suggestions would be great.


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