Hey Mike, 

I am stoked that you're makin a real web-page for us. I was thinking it would be great if there were a video page for learning/sharing cool vids. Here are a bunch of roll related links that would be great to embed if you're interested. 

i'll be working a night shift next week with nothing to do but surf the web if there are any video/content/ anything at all you want me to track down or anyway I can help with the site. 



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On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 10:55 PM, Michael Joseph Mainer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Working on putting together a web page for the kayak club, just like I was asked to back in December (so it took me a little while).  Easy enough for me to find pictures you folks have taken (using the internet, not breaking into your houses and stealing rolls of film or anything).  So if you don't mind me using a few, please just reply to my email (not the listserve of course) and give me permission.  I will of course provide a credit below the photo to whoever provided the pic.

Oh, yeah, if you haven't gotten back to Ben telling him you want to go boating in Canadia, please do so.  Or I'll crush yer damn boats.  Like I said earlier, don't wait until your senior year to do fun, exciting, enriching things.  Now that I'm 75% done with this college thing, I wish I had gotten on to that kind of stuff back when I was a freshmen.  A week at home/work is nothing to remember, but 5 days on the Ottawa with your friends makes for something you might remember a decade from now.  Really, no one says "I did far too many fun things this summer".

Been a rainy summer here in VT, and this El Nino is supposed to just keep on slinging moisture our way.  So that makes mud, tomato blight, slugs and, of course lots of high-water paddling this fall.  Looking forward to tossing some boats in the water with everyone this fall.