I was in the lab and tried to take stock of our machines, it actually looks like we done have anything worth donating. 

Stripped and recycled:

3x Dell Optiplex mini towers
1x FLat Style Dell Optiplex
1x tower of unknown make/origin

Stuff we have, but isnt up and running:

Dell Precision 620 - pentium 3 1.0 ghz 256mb ram DVD, No HDDs, boots, has ubuntu 8.1 CD in drive

NEC PowerMate Pro2200 - Some kind of server, seems to be complete, no video out but turns on

HP Vectra Xu -  2x Pentium Pro...seems mostly complete, too cool to toss.

2x big dell server - not sure about them. mek and i had the one near the door running once, but i think the drives were bad (?)

2x SG Iris Indigo - havent tried turning them on

Imac (blue) - boots os 9.1 works great has photoshop...great machine!!!

Imac (red) - boots, no hdd, i think someone pulled it last semester, can be fixed?

Stuff we might be able to get rid of:

Garak + Big Garak - ancient hard drive enclosures, not sure if anyone wants to keep them

Some massive battery backup - looks partially  disassembled, seems like a fire hazzard, can we get rid of this? battery needs to be disposed of correctly.

Compaq Presario (fairly new) - mostly stripped, its the silver and black one thats been floating around...bad mobo?

Paper tray from a copy machine - where did this come from??

Epson stylus color 640 - in a box, no clue if it works.

HP 25000 CM - the monster printer on top of the back table...does it work? can we get rid of it?

Machines coming in:

I went down to Votey122 but didnt see anyone around to ask for that machine

I have the three Big suns at my house (grant st downtown) and need to get them up here somehow (i can take them in my vw one at a time, but wont be able to carry them to the elevator on my own)

Cluster Project Plans:
been doing more reading, I think we can have it up pretty soon, but once its up what are we going to do with it? how are we going to cool it? i don't have any cooling ideas, but in terms of a use for it I was looking into some ways to volunteer processor time (BONIC projects specifically), as of now, SETI@home and SIMAP@home(which is a similar project to fold@home) seem to be the only ones with a SPARC client, and both may require replacing our debian installs with freeBSD or openSolaris (hopefully someone with a better understanding of this than I can confirm this). . . quite a pita, but if it has to be done I don't mind doing it.

lets drink it!  hack your mood/vision/balance/judgment!

On Aug 19, 2009, at 6:10 AM, Andrew Guertin wrote:

Andrew Guertin wrote:
Prices actually go desktop 2G < server 4G < desktop 2G.

Oops, obviously here I meant

desktop 2G < server 4G < desktop 4G