Ok, thanks Ernie and everyone else! I'll call support and ask how to do it
now that I know I can. 

Amanda Forbes, Town Clerk/Treasurer
Town of Fairfield
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Fairfield, VT 05455
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Amanda...The NEMRC software can be setup to apply payments according 
to the policy of your town (and varies widely throughout the state). 
The system will follow the rules established in your installation 
instructions but can be overridden by the user. I do believe that a 
taxpayer is allowed to ask that a payment be applied to the current 
year. The system will allow you to post it that way but would default 
to your setup policy had the taxpayer not asked specifically for that 
application of payment....Ernie

At 11:59 AM 8/21/2009, you wrote:
>We just received a payment for current taxes (we offer 4% discount 
>and this is the last day).  This property owner owes delinquent 
>taxes however and NEMRC is set up to pay the delinquent first.  We 
>had an attorney in here the other day who said that by law a 
>taxpayer can choose whatever year they want to apply those 
>payments.  Is this true?
>Amanda Forbes, Town Clerk/Treasurer
>Town of Fairfield
>P.O. Box 5
>Fairfield, VT 05455
>(802) 827-3261
>Fax (802) 827-3653