There are a lot of "what-ifs" during this transition.  What if two women
come in today to apply for a Civil Marriage to be performed on September 15
and then they decide to do it on August 29th instead?  If they come in
today, I am going to give it to them and technically it is valid today.
Should I be typing the dates valid only September 1 through whenever 60 days
from actual date of issue is?

Also, the same is said for people who came in last week prior to having the
new forms.  I issued marriage licenses for September last week and am not
going to track down these people and their out-of-state minister after the
fact to do a whole new license form.

Hopefully the Department of Health is taking this all into consideration and
will be flexible with these scenarios.

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  Hi Lyndon Town Clerk.  Did you ever get an answer to your question of June
18 to Rich McCoy regarding the new license?    Is the new license  for
"civil marriage" (that we just received) going to replace the civil union
AND the traditional marriage license?  One form fits all?  Thanks,  Nancy