Hello Clerks,

I received a bill for our annual Accuvote machine maintenance. We will 
not be using the machine again until September 2010 as there are no big 
elections and it is much too expensive to use this machine when we have 
the people to count ballots.

Since we weren't going to be using the machine this year, I decided not 
to schedule a maintenance visit - I have had to cut my budget per vote 
of the taxpayers at Town Meeting (5% reduction of the General Fund 
budget). While I was out of the office last week, the company called and 
scheduled a visit for this week.

Do I need to pay for this annual $175 maintenance visit twice (2009 and 
2010) when the machine is sitting in its case in our vault? Is anyone 
else planning to only do one maintenance visit before September 2010?

Thanks, in advance, for your insight.

Heidi Racht