Greetings,  and apologies for cross postings (as usual).

Beginning this month, the Census Bureau will be mailing invitation 
letters and registration forms to all Vermont municipalities to 
participate in the New Construction Program for the 2010 Census.

This program is meant to allow local communities to notify the Census 
Bureau of any new construction since the spring, so that new housing 
units may be included in the Census next year.

I've been told that these mailings will go out to highest elected 
officials only (e.g. Selectboard Chairs), so be on the look-out.  Those 
who participated in the LUCA program to update local address locations 
last year will also be cc'ed on the mailing.  Your town may identify 
anyone it wishes to be the contact for the New Construction Program.  
Zoning Administrators, for instance, would probably be essential to this 

We will not be able to participate at the statewide level for this 
program like we did for LUCA, but we will find a way to assist you as 
much as possible.  I'll send out more information on that once we know 
more about the participation requirements.

The Census Bureau's Boston Office at 617-223-3600 is running this 
operation and should be able to answer any questions or issues you may 
have.  But I would appreciate being made aware of any particular challenges.

Thank you,
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