Barre City returns the entire recording and let's them know what the
appropriate fee amount is.

Carolyn S. Dawes
Barre City Clerk/Treasurer
Barre City Hall
6 N. Main St., Suite 6
PO Box 418
Barre, VT  05641
(802) 476-0242
(802) 476-0264 fax

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Subject: Recording overpayment

Hello Clerks,

We are usually tracking down more money for recording, but just had an 
overpayment of $20.

Do you:

1. keep it
2. return it and ask for new check
3. deposit it and refund

I have already deposited the check, so

1. keep it
2. refund to law firm
3. refund to property owner
4. other

Thanks for your help and experience.

Heidi Racht