I think that an annual update of a certificate is a valid request . The Veteran's exemption must be reviewed every so often for validity in reducing a property owners assessment.  Things change in people's lives and certificates aren't high on people's list of things to update, especially if by not doing it, they can continue to avoid paying for their water.  

You are trying to be fair to everyone using the sytem and this is a reasonable way to do that.


Norwich Fire District & Water Department
Norwich, VT

--- You wrote:
24 VSA 5143 states that we can$E2t turn off someone$E2s water if we have a
certificate on file from their doctor that such disconnection would be a
hazard to the health of the ratepayer or a resident in the home.  But
there$E2s nothing about how long this certificate is in effect.  Do other
municipalities require occasional updates to certificates?  Can we legally
ask for a new certificate?
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