Maybe my question should have been "Does it seem unusual and/or irresponsible for a town to hire and pay contractors/subcontractors who are delinquent with their property taxes without requesting upfront that all or a portion of their payments be used toward their delinquent tax?" 
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What a good question.  I have often wondered the same.  Iíll be interested to hear what other treasurers do.

Kathy B.



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Subject: Payments to delinquent taxpayers


Does anyone have a policy concerning payment of funds (i.e. employees or subcontractors) to delinquent taxpayers? Voters are concerned that the Selectboard is paying people to work for the town who also have a delinquent tax bill due.  I'm wondering if it would be 'legal' to withhold an amount from the employee's or subcontractor's payment in lieu of delinquent taxes owed.





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