We received a call from a gentleman from Washington State that is coming to Vermont in September to get married at his mother’s residence in Cabot. We can only assume by his responses that they are seeking a civil marriage, but we’re not certain.


Page 4-1 (Sec. E) of the new marriage registration instruction booklet pointed out specific laws/regulations applicable to non-residents applying for a Vermont marriage license and states:

“A non-resident couple who does not intend to reside in Vermont after their wedding may not marry in Vermont to avoid laws of their own state. 15 V.S.A. 6.”


Washington State does have a domestic partnership law, but it isn’t the same as a civil marriage.


So, if they’re coming to Vermont to get a civil marriage, which WA doesn’t offer, and they don’t intend to stay in Vermont afterward, do we issue the license? I would think not, but that’s only if we’re sure of their intent….


Lemme know your thoughts!