Good morning clerks!


Welcome to version 7.1g, which has our most recent updates for you to be able to complete the new Civil Marriage license.


There has already been questions about #17a, and I think the program is set up correctly – the license is asking for “Date on Which License was Issued” – we are taking this date from the front screen as you enter the data, the application date.  This date is NOT the actual marriage date.


As for 17d, these two lines are indeed blank, per request of the Vermont Department of Health…you will need to manually fill in the dates – please see email from Vermont Department of Health if you have further questions about dating licenses….if you don’t have a copy of this email, I’m happy to get you one.


Please note – as of September 1st, the program will be adjusted back so that the 60 date range will be automatically filled in again.


Hope this makes sense to all of you….enjoy the new forms, call us with questions, and most importantly, have a GREAT weekend!  Penny, NEMRC


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Subject: Re: Marriage lic-new


I tried it and 17a is the Application Date and 17d is blank, presumably so that we can fill in our own dates until after Sept 1?

-Carla Lawrence, Waterbury Town Clerk


From: kimberly pombar [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
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Subject: Marriage lic-new

I downloaded update from nemrc for marriage lic

Line 17a –date lic was issued puts in wedding date not the date of issuance  and the 17d-lic is valid dates are left blank. Is this how this is to be?