It should be signed by the town clerk and at least one lister.



Michelle W Wilson, Operations Chief

Property Valuation and Review

Department of Taxes

133 State Street FL 1

Montpelier, VT 05633

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Hi, Michelle.  Do we need to have the Listers sign this newly-printed copy as well?

Jennifer Peterson
Town Clerk/Treasurer
Town of Waitsfield
Nine Bridge Street
Waitsfield, VT  05673
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Subject: August 15th submission to PVR


To:             Town and City Clerks, Listers


From:           Michelle Wilson, Operations Chief      


Subject:        Grand List and Form 411 August Filing


Date:           August 1, 2009


This is our annual reminder that your town’s Form 411/ Grand List must be filed electronically with Property Valuation and Review (PVR) by August 15th 32 VSA 4185.  While some of you are filing electronically for the first time, most of you have gone through this process successfully several times.    We are available to guide you through this process if needed.


We still need a paper copy of the entire form 411 as well as the exemptions and the signature page.  This will enable us to maintain our historical files that have been helpful to towns and other institutions. These forms, together with your electronic 411 /electronic Grand List, must be filed with PVR by August 15th, 2009.   We would prefer that you wait until either late July or early August before sending these items to PVR.


The August 15th date is critical. The Department of Education needs homestead and non-residential grand list information in order to calculate the September 10th school aid payments.  Due to tight schedules, it is especially important that the statutory requirements for filing are met otherwise we cannot guarantee that towns submitting after August 15th will receive aid payments on September 10th


Our review of your 411 and Grand List includes checking categories, values and exemptions.  When coding your exemptions, please keep in mind that all voted exemptions are to be coded Taxable, either approved, grandfathered or non-approved.  Most locally voted exemptions are no longer grandfathered for the 2009 tax year therefore it’s important to show those exemptions correctly (i.e., as non-approved, voted) for tax billing-even if it results in a net ‘0’ bill.


If your town voted to increase the Veterans Exemption above the $10,000 statutory amount, simply enter the full exempt amount as the Veterans Exemption.  The NEMRC program will automatically show the amount over $10,000 as a non-approved exemption and appropriate it correctly on the education grand list.


Questions regarding coding of exemptions should be directed to your District Advisor or PVR Staff office.  As grandfathered exemptions expire, more towns will need to set local agreement rates to cover the shortfall in their education tax.


The numbers on the 411 are the basis for our equalized grand list determination and will affect the Education taxes for your town and your property owners.  In addition, the information is used to calculate Current Use hold harmless and PILOT payments.  Please be sure we have complete and accurate information.


**Since there may be changes to your grand list after August 15th you will want to send a revised 411 and Grand List to us by October 15th.   You will not need to send an amended 411 each time changes occur, but be aware of the October 15th date. Revisions filed after October 15th may not become part of equalization process.


If you have any questions regarding your grand list, exemptions or current use, please don’t hesitate to call your District Advisor or the DA Help line 828-5871.



Thank you for all your hard work,



Michelle W Wilson, Operations Chief

Property Valuation and Review

Department of Taxes

133 State Street FL 1

Montpelier, VT  05633

802-828-5868  fax 828-2824