Lisa did you have to request that update or did they just send it to



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Hi from St. Albans, i called vital records after receiving the new
supplies...and was told that yes, these will be used for ALL marriages
that occur after 9-1-09. 

Nemrc has given us the update to the marriage program so we will not
have to hand type the application like we had to do last Friday! I am in
the middle of testing the program, and my first snag i've hit is that
the new marriage certificates are not numbered. Does anyone have any
information about that?


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	Hi Lyndon Town Clerk.  Did you ever get an answer to your
question of June 18 to Rich McCoy regarding the new license?    Is the
new license  for "civil marriage" (that we just received) going to
replace the civil union AND the traditional marriage license?  One form
fits all?  Thanks,  Nancy


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