I am not in town government, but the town of Randolph is currently renovating the town offices.  They have a temporary storage box which is climate controlled that is being used for the vault at the temporary office location.  You may want to contact them and see who they are renting it from.

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This may not help but when we added on to our vault the new section was built without opening up the old section.  Then there was one horrific day when the cement saw complete with water for cooling the blade was moved in.  We had moved everything out of the vault into the office space and draped plastic sheets over it all.  We cleaned up the mess and put everything back the same day.
I know Guilford built a second vault when they expanded.
And I heard of one town that  put all the records in a temporary 'vault' but it was not fireproof.  I would have been a basket case the whole time the records were in it.
While the office was torn apart I had a temporary office in the school.  Each morning I would come to the office and transport the most current books, dog licensing and vital records supplies,
to the school.  I had the card index up there and if someone wanted something from a book I did not have, I would make a copy and get it to him.  It was all a little crazy but it worked and I could sleep.  (There was one day when a title searcher and I sat on the steps in front of the office with one of the big, old books across our laps trying to figure something out!)
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Good Morning,
The Town of West Rutland is about to do an expansion to its vault.  What do other Town Clerk's do when the construction period happens.  Where are the land Records books kept to be safe during that time? Any advice will be helpful.                 Jayne' Pratt

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