These are all good questions.  I have sometimes asked Public Records about specific documents that were not on the disposition schedules.  
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  The question still arises regarding "what should happen" with these certificates. It seems to me we get numerous documents from the State on all sorts of matters because by Statute all the different departments are required by statute to send a copy or file with the Town Clerk. If we don't know what to do with them what good does it do? We should be provided with information about what we are expected to do with any documents and what the retention schedule is. Are we supposed to record, to file (whatever that means), to post, etc. and for how long? And if something is actually a permanent record shouldn't it be recorded? 


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  I spoke with someone at the State and they told me they were not requiring them to be recorded. You may want to call someone at the state level to verify for your town, but here in Colchester I am not recording them.



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    Maybe this question has come up before. If so, sorry to repeat it.  


    I have received a VT Commercial Building Energy Standards Certificate. No recording fees accompanied it.  I seem to recall that a few years ago the Residential Certs. were to be recorded, but in searching the statutes can't find anything that currently says either needs to be recorded.  The cert. simply says that the Dept. of Pubic Service and the town clerk "shall be provided" with a copy.


    So, we no longer record? What do we do with them.



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