Dear List ---

Two UVM online courses in educational technology are currently  
available for registration.    Each course is described briefly below  
with  a link for registration through UVM Continuing Education.   
Please pass this information on to teachers who may be interested or  
to other listservs where applicable.  Thank you.

EDCI 200:  Inquiry-based Learning and Technology
Instructor: Sandra A. Lathem
This online three credit graduate course engages educators in a  
student-centered, active learning experience using technology  
resources and tools to promote questioning, critical thinking and  
problem solving skills. During this inquiry-based course, educators  
will have an opportunity to learn about technology resources & tools  
that support inquiry-based learning in all disciplines and design an  
activity for the students they teach.
For registration: 

EDCI:  Differentiated Instruction and Technology
Instructor:  Tim Fox
This course explores ways that educators can address the diverse  
strengths and needs of students in today's classrooms by developing  
and utilizing an instructional framework based on current information  
and practice related to differentiating instruction and universal  
design for learning. A focus of the course will be the use of  
existing and emerging technologies to assist and support the success  
of all students, including students with disabilities.
For registration: 


Sandra A. Lathem, Ed. D.
Program Coordinator, Educational Technology Sequence
University of Vermont
533 Waterman Bldg
Burlington, Vermont 05405

(Cell) 802-310-0374
Email:  [log in to unmask]