I am wondering if anyone is running computer/document camera inputs to the
same LCD projector with the ability to switch between the two at 1024x768
resolution for both.

I am using standard VGA cables between computer, doc cam, and LCD. Hoping to
have source switching done on the camera vs. LCD.

I have tried a couple of document cameras and they all seem to "dumb down"
the computer pass-through resolution to 800x600... Won't pass 1024x768
through to LCD, computer output only shows when reduced to 800x600. The
alternative seems to be running both VGA (from computer) and s-Video (from
doc cam) to the LCD, but S-Video resolution is lowered that way. Two VGA may
be possible, but few projectors seem to have this and we have had issues
with the LCD picking up a second VGA source (InFocus says the doc cams have
a "weak signal").

True: I am working with inexpensive projectors and cameras, but I still feel
this should work!

Suggestions, tips, hints, WELCOME!

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Washington West Supervisory Union
Waterbury, VT
(802) 244-6100

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