At the last Pizza Conference, Jeff from Google promised better user
managements options ahead for Google Apps.  Several of you nodded
enthusiastically that you were really looking forward to this.  I noticed
this post
Also  Google Apps now has a contact sharing service which you can enable.

Finally..  someone from google teachers academy posted a handout for setting
postini to post to internal only for certain groups.  I have not tried this
but thought this might be valuable to those wanting to enable email for
student groups in different ways than email for adult groups.

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Found this which might be useful if you go down that road

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The attached handout will walk you through using Postini to set up
Google Apps Education domain so that email can only be sent to and
email addresses within your domain. If you are in a K-12 school this
is a
way to give your students email accounts to email teachers and fellow
students only. You must activate Postini Services to do this.

Postini is a powerful tool that can do lots. It took me a while to
this out so I thought I would make the handout to help those you want
to do

Thanks to Dana for her help.


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 postini domain only email.pdf

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