Hi everyone,


Hoping that you’ve all had enjoyable summers and are now looking forward to the coming school year.  Ready or not…


Our district has been doing some curriculum work this past year that involves a number of individuals.   In an effort to work more effectively, we have been exploring collaborative document sharing for this and other projects.  As I’m sure you are all too aware, working with multiple parties and multiple revisions of multiple documents can be extremely challenging.  We’ve taken a look at Google Apps, and while it showed some promise, we have found it to have some significant shortcomings when it comes to working with Word documents, specifically those which contain graphics and formatting such as tables and columns.


I am writing to see what others might be using to address their document sharing needs across a district (think WAN and multiple domains).   Groove and/or SharePoint have been mentioned as possible solutions so I’m wondering if anyone out there is using them?  Similarly, is there anything else we should be considering?


Thanks in advance for the feedback.




John Carolin

Technology Coordinator

Lamoille South Supervisory Union

Park Street, Box 760

Stowe, VT  05672

(802)253-4154  X 231