The administration at SBSD decided to go with a company called SchoolFusion for its web services.  The intent is to improve consistency across the various school websites, to make web publishing easier for people who lack web design experience and to make it easier for the district to offer and support more advanced web technologies, such as calendars and RSS feeds. SchoolFusion also offers some of the features of a Learning Management System for those teachers who don't want a full-fledged online presence through our Moodle server.
Our teaching and support staff are currently in the process of recreating our websites on the SchoolFusion server, which offers all the strengths and weaknesses of web design using an off-site content management system. Thus far, feedback has been positive, especially from non-designers who just want to get content out there, which includes the vast majority of the staff.  It would be convenient to pay someone else to do this, but that wouldn't give us as effective an opportunity to update the information as we go and for people who will be responsible for updating the site to gain experience.  If you're not in a huge hurry, I think this is the best way to go.
Thus far, I haven't seen anything in any of these services that you couldn't do through other CMSs, such as Joomla or Drupal, but it saves you the overhead of having to create and support the services locally.  My hat's off to people who will do it themselves and save their districts some dough, but I'm also happy to have given up that responsibility years ago!
Steve Barner
South Burlington High School

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We use School Center and they want a huge amount (five figures) to upgrade to SchoolCenter Pro and redesign our website.  An example of our high school site designed with school center is here:

It’s a pretty nice site compared with the central office, also done in SchoolCenter.  The central office site is here:

Could Google Sites be used to port our high school and central office pages?  That would eliminate the fees we are paying to School Center.

There’s also Joomla and I am not very familiar with that.  Any comments?


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We looked at many web companies and decided on SchoolWires.  


We have just started the training process with teachers and teams and we are very happy with the ease of creating and editing pages.  Very professional looking pages, blogs, great calendar system, staff, student and community log ins with viewing rights by assigned roles and an easy content management system.  SchoolWires has great training and support in place, to help us facilitate the transition process.  Can you tell we like it?


Our Contact person is:  Kathleen Smith  ksmith@schoolwires,net

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>>> Jan Fraga <[log in to unmask]> 8/29/2009 10:58 AM >>>
Does anyone use SchoolWorld for their school website? If so, what is your
opinion of it? We are looking for the professional look, but something all
teachers could use. Any suggestions?

Jan Fraga
Middlebury Union Middle School

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