Dear List:

Met this AM with our regional State Electrical Inspector.

Very little of what he presented to me were things I had done (before my 
time, another department) but were things he was holding me responsible for.

VT recently (he did not indicate when) adopted the National Fire Code to 
apply to data wiring. He mentioned sections 800=>300

State does not CURRENTLY require licensing or a permit. He emphasized this 
might change.
Specifically he mentioned
-workmanship quality (things to look neat)
-wiring must be suspended from the structure (not laying on the ceiling tiles or 
hanging from conduit)
-plenum/riser v. non-plenum or use of conduit 
-need to address existing cabling along routes of new projects
Electrical outlets for suspended projectors need to be installed below the drop 
ceiling. Devices above the ceiling (switches, APs) can have outlets up there.

Since the discussion on this list has never gone beyong plenum v. non-plenum, 
it would be nice to see a presentation on this at VTfest09.

Points now piling up left and right for wireless and short throw projectors.