Yo snow bunnies and shred bros,
The UVMSSC has missed you this summer. And one of the coldest, wettest  
summers in a while can only mean one thing: tons of pow is on the  
way.  In anticipation of early dumps of fluffy white, we have been  
scheming to hook you guys up with some of the illest events and deals  
the SSC Nation has seen in a while.


Bring yo dollah billz to the office on the 3rd floor of the Davis  
Center in the SGA Office Room. $20 gets you in and hooks you up with  
stellar season pass discounts, deals from our sponsors, insider info  
on SSC events, a membership card, and a steezy t to show your  


After making your love for the UVMSSC official by becoming a member,  
you can pick Triple Major Passes for $269 and Stowe Passes for $375.  
If those don't satiate your shredding needs, we are negotiating some  
stellar deals with Smuggs and Sugabush.  More info. to come soon on  
membership deals, dates/location to purchase, etc. Word.

ABSINTHE FILM PREMIERE.  September 5. 9 pm. Roxy Theater.

Absinthe Films "Neverland" and they are bringing pro riders DCP and JP  
Solberg for autographs and such, as well as tons of swag.  Doors open  
at 9pm and tickets cost $10, all proceeds donated to Protect Our  
Winters and the VT Youth, Conservation Corps.  It will be siiick.

Other premieres to watch for:
September 10 - Think Thank (CC Theatre)
September 22 - Poor Boyz Premiere (Davis Center)
September 25 - Meatheads (CC Theatre)
October 1 - Airblaster (CC Theatre)
October 8 - Level 1 Productions (CC Theatre)


An epic weekend with premieres of just about every new ski movie  
coming out this season, a bunch of rad concerts, and tons of exclusive  
parties. Just about everybody who is anybody in the skiing world will  
be there! Because we love you so much, we worked out a deal that hooks  
you up with a hotel and VIP status the entire weekend for way cheaper  
than it would normally be.

For 2 nights (Fri, Sat):
175$CAN/ Pers - (162us)
Vip silver (All Movies)
Vip party(All Parties and Concerts)
2 Nights Hotel (2 double bed + continental breakfast)
1 IF3 Tee-shirt
1 IF3 Beanie

For 3 nights (Thurs, fri, sat):
210$CAN/ pers - (195us)
Vip silver (All Movies)
Vip party(All Parties and Concerts)
3 Nights Hotel (2 double bed + continental breakfast)
1 IF3 Tee-shirt
1 IF3 Beanie

Word. And all you have to do to sign up is follow this link;
http://if3.ca/uvm/ and login as;
User name: uvm
Password: uvm09

****IMPORTANT**** after you purchase tickets, you MUST email   
[log in to unmask] and tell her who you want to room with or if you need  
to find roommates. If you do not, you will be unable to pick up your  
VIP tickets and unable to stay in the hotel room you paid for!

Need a little shredporn? Check out the trailer at  

UVM JACKSON HOLE COLLEGE SNOWRIDERS FEST '1o. January 2-9, 2010. Jackson Hole.

In less than 150 days, the UVMSSC will be shralping our faces off in  
the mecca of all meccas: Jackson Hole.  $1,084.00 buys you round trip  
airfare between Boston and Jackson Hole Airport, 7 nights lodging at  
Snow King Resort in condos based on max occupancy, 5 day lift ticket  
valid at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and some of the most radical  
apres-ski events.  To get in on the action, hit up  


Stop by our office on the 3rd floor of the Davis Center.

Party on,


The UVM Ski & Snowboard Club
-East Coast's Finest-

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