*Fellow UVMers*,

I welcome you back to “Groovy UV" and would like to congratulate first years
on their selection for college--a decision that will continue to be
rewarding every day!  As a reminder/explanation, I will be sending out a
weekly e-mail advertising many events hosted by clubs and other UVM
entities, notifying you of any pressing news or concerns pertinent to
students, and providing you with additional resources.

UVM is a very exciting place, and as usual, there are a plethora of events
scheduled for the month of September so I would encourage you to look below
and save some of the upcoming dates!  Also, I would like to direct your
attention to the letter from the Dean of Students Office and SGA located
under the "Important Announcement" section of this e-mail.  It is a document
that spells out many prevalent issues and resources that are very crucial to
students such as the "UVM Statement of Expectations for Off-Campus

In addition, an important document that all students should continuously
review--because it tends to change year-to-year--is the policy regarding our
student rights titled* Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities*.  This
policy can be accessed at

I hope that you are excited as I am for everyone to get back to Burlington
and get this show on the run again.  Enjoy these last few days of summer
with friends and family and I look forward to seeing you next Monday!
 Remember what UVM Party Smart
<>says:  Be safe, be kind, be


P.S. I am completely open to suggestions of how to make this e-mail a better
resource for you and you can send those comments directly to me at *
[log in to unmask]*.

*From the SGA President's email this* *week:*

UVM Rescue Open House, Sept. 5th
Men's Club Soccer Tryouts, Sept. 5th and 6th
Golf Tournament Fundraiser, Oct. 11th
Join the UVM Racquetball Club!
Information about TheLynx
CarShare Vermont
Lake Monsters invite Students to Last Games
CatCrew Participation
Wanna Meet Your Neighbors?

Follow the link for more information:

*This Week in UVM Athletics:*

Friday, August 28
Field Hockey vs. Boston College @ 1:00 pm at Moulton Winder Field
Women’s Soccer vs. University of Montreal @ 4:00 pm at Centennial Field
Sunday, August 30
Field Hockey vs. William and Mary @ 12:30 pm at Moulton Winder Field
Women’s Soccer vs. Central Connecticut @ 1:30 pm at Centennial Field
Tuesday, September
Men’s Soccer vs. Siena @ 3:00 pm at Centennial Field

Free admission for students with valid Student I.D. to all regular season
home soccer and field hockey games!

*Important Announcement:*

Dear UVM Students,

The SGA and the Dean of Students Office invite new and returning students to
participate in efforts to make life in the City better for everyone.
 College students make up one quarter of Burlington’s population and their
activities bring both benefits and challenges.  Neighborhoods are healthier
by the involvement of students in efforts like the Buell St. Neighborhood
Garden; neighborhood clean-ups; and the Have a Heart campaign to raise
awareness of the impact of late-night noise on community members.  Although
progress has been seen in some neighborhoods, others continue to be stressed
by noise; trash; and vandalism.  Such activities impact neighbors’ lives and
create an environment that does not feel safe and welcoming to all.

*How you can help*:

• Learn about Burlington neighborhoods – they are a mix of lifestyles and
people (children; families; workers; elderly; students) all sharing the same
• Remember that neighbors are only a wall away when you are out at night.
 Noise carries when windows are open to the streets and houses are close
• Talk to your peers – a message from you to a friend or a classmate goes a
long way to increasing awareness and impacting disruptive activity.
• Get involved in efforts that improve life in the city (go to to choose a place to put your energy and

*Things to be aware of:*

*At UVM:* It is the expectation of the university that all students uphold
good conduct off campus as well as on campus (see the UVM Statement of
Expectations Off Campus at
UVM is notified of all off-campus municipal and criminal violations and the
Center for Student Ethics and Standards takes action based on the type and
severity of the violation.

*In Burlington:* In addition to the educational campaigns underway,
specialized enforcement details will be deployed to strictly enforce the
city laws and ordinances (noise; under-age drinking; open containers; public
urination). These initiatives include bicycle, cruiser, and joint patrols
between UVM Police Services and the Burlington Police Department.

We welcome your participation in creating a healthier and safer Burlington
community for all and thank you for your work to help achieve this important

SGA Matters:

The SGA is Recruiting!  Are you interested in becoming more involved at UVM,
or seeking a new way to learn more about the University?  If so, you should
consider applying to be an SGA Senator.

At this time, there are three (3) vacant seats within the SGA Senate: two
(2) off-campus seats, and one (1) on-campus seat.  In order to be considered
for one of these positions, you must submit an Appointment Application to
SGA, which is reviewed by the Appointments Committee and the Senate.  To
learn more about the Appointments Process, visit the SGA website and proceed
to (scroll to the
bottom of the page).  Here, you may submit an application by visiting The
Lynx.  Your application will automatically be forwarded to the SGA Vice
President, and you will receive a confirmation email after your application
has been received.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the Appointments Process,
or if you would like to know the status of your application, please email
Vice President Kate Ash at *[log in to unmask]*.
* *
*Next SGA Senate Meeting:*  Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Please visit for more information regarding your SGA.

Bryce Jones
Student Government Association
University of Vermont

Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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