I'm going to go against the trend and say go with the 170 cm,
especially if it's a stiff ski.  (If it were a noodle, then I'd
probably go with a 180).  Here's where I'm coming from: For myself, I
wouldn't go with anything more than a 180 and, for tele skis, I go for
something in the 175-180cm range.  He sounds like he's a similar
weight to me or lighter, not as experienced, and not as aggressive.  I
know, too, that EO skis on a sub-180 phat ski and is often graceful
and smooth.  Even on AT gear, he's not overpowering his stiff
Explosivs.  I've never heard him wish for a longer ski and I'm pretty
sure that he's skied his fair share of powder across the country.  The
question you have to ask is, will Fritz over-power a 170?  From the
sounds of the ski (I don't know BDs) and from your description of him,
I'd think not.

I'm sure,, that you too realize that buying a ski for how it
will perform out West is, unless a significant percentage of your
annual ski days are out there, stupid.

--Matt K.

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