Mig writes:
> I'm a big believer in health care reform.  Single payer is probably best,
> but this country is not ready for it at the moment.

My rather cynical take on this is that it's not "this country" that opposes 
single payer, it's all the people who profit from the out-of-control 
spending on medical care.   The pay scales for health care in the US are 
far above the world norm.  The AMA, ADA, et al are trade guilds.  The 
for-profit private hospitals pay big dollars to their owners and senior 
administrative employees.  If the United States went to a single payer 
model, those people would all be government employees who would, 
over time, make far less money.

Personally, I'd start with socializing well care.  That can mostly be 
delivered by technicians at moderate cost and gives you a big bang for 
the buck.   I'd fund creating a big labor pool with clinical nurse 
specialist ad nurse practitioner-level of training.  For routine medical 
care, you don't need an MD.  Pediatric medicine can be done in the 
schools.   Adults would get their annual physical and prenatal care from 
government clinics.  I'd do the same thing with vision and dental.  

I'd rather the government stay away from further socialized medicine 
initiatives until they clean house with geriatric care.  Medicare is a 
pretty broken system.   Until that gets sorted out, I don't want the 
federales screwing with what I view as my high deductable catastrophic 
medical insurance.


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