Denis wrote:

I love cross country and I wish them all the success in the world. 
However I am a skeptic that America will ever acquire the broad and
deep base in the sport that is declared as a goal.  I am pleased to see
that they are 'homologated'.  My search routine turned up 15 hits on
the word in the Master Plan. 


Certainly there are some obstacles to their plan, not least of which would be the sedentary lifestyles of many Americans.  That said, I love their emphasis on trying to promote and grow the sport from a grassroots, junior level.   As they mention, there are *millions* of people within an hour drive of the place.    

The venue itself is absolutely wonderful, and many times during a good snow winter it sees sellout crowds on the weekends.   The loops served by snowmaking, which are shown in the master plan, would provide reliable, high quality skiing with abundant challenge for juniors and others.  Moreover there are 30k or more of other trails for use by recreational enthusiasts.  

Maybe this will be one of those things were everyone's initial skepticism is replaced by "Well I'll be doggone ... "

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