His followers are often peddling this geometric nonsense in Harvard Square:

Once in Porter Square I saw some tables and flyers for "The New Bretton 
Woods" -- thinking that the ski resort was undergoing some sort of terrain 
expansion or offering a promotion, I stopped by, only to realize it was one of 
Lyndon's insane rants against the international monetary system.

I still have fond memories of his infomericials as a kid -- here's a parody, 
although the intro is barely any different than the real thing:

Glad to see he's still obsessed with Britain - these are quotes from his website:

"The British imperial interests have suffered a serious blow at the hands of 
Lyndon LaRouche, and they are reeling from the impact of that unanticipated 
strategic setback."

"Lyndon LaRouche promptly denounced these British stories, warning that if 
there is any attempt to assassinate the President, it will come from top circles 
in London, who are furious at President Barack Obama, for flubbing the British 
demands to impose fascism on the United States."

"Lyndon LaRouche agreed there is a threat against the President's life, but not 
from the so-called extremist fringe in America. LaRouche warned that any 
attack on Obama would come from the British, "who have a long history of 
assassinating American Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln, to William McKinley, 
to John F. Kennedy.""

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