On Sep 15, 2009, at 9:51 AM, Jacob Beauregard wrote:

> It wasn't really my intention to split hairs, but rather to expand  
> upon something that had been said. Pidgin can run on Mac as long as  
> the Mac is running an X Server. They actually are supported by some  
> kind of bundle called Fink, which uses X. I think Mac users would  
> appreciate knowing that although there is a lot of open source  
> software that isn't supported on OS/X, there is open source software  
> that is supported on OS/X (Firefox, any open-source Java app, many  
> command line utilities), and even some open source software that's  
> exclusively supported for OS/X (e.g. Adium).

Well, to clarify, OS X includes an X Server, and Fink is a collection  
of ports of Unix open source software to OS X.  The point of Fink is  
to get open source software compiled on OS X.  Basically they just  
patch the software.  FreeBSD also does this with its "ports" system.   
Anyway, there really is no shortage of supported open source software  
on OS X.

That said, an application that needs X doesn't integrate well with the  
Mac UI.  I would point Mac Users to Open Source Mac, < 

> Expanding on what Chris said some more:
> "maybe some kind of games to get people to play? (or some other way  
> to create a spectacle)"
> If you get a white tent at the part of CBW that has electrical  
> outlets in the ground, and Mike loans his projector and you project  
> on the side of the tent (probably inside the tent) an open source  
> game or something, that might be a spectacle.