Hello Gary and Michael,

My name is McCrae Hathaway and I am the Station Manager at WRUV-FM, the radio station on campus. I am contacting you because I think it would be incredible to involve the Computer Science program with WRUV. We have been having many problems with our computer systems especially our Web-site. We hope to find some solution to our problem through you guys. 
Our Archive system is running on linux which is not a friendly program for most DJS. We hope to change this in the near future. We also have had a web-site that is rarely updated and not very appealing to look at. There are many other tasks but these are two that immediately come to mind. 

I am planning on talking to Chris Evans the media advisor more about how we can interact, but I think that it's crazy that we are going outside of the university for this service rather than having very capable people on campus help with it. It'd be an amazing learning opportunity for the students and I think a great relationship could be made.

I am meeting with Professor Wu on Tuesday at 4pm. We were hoping that you two could attend!

Let me know your thoughts.

-McCrae Hathaway