Howdy hackers,

I'll be around the hacker lab most of the night trying to get a  
framework for the project based on Andrew's points.

1. First, I'd like to get a bare-bones web front end (which is easily  
parse-able). I'm creating an HG repository in  
/home/mek/cssa/projects/CatTrack on .188 aka deadowl. Feel free to  

2. Also, I'll try to get a project wiki page started. Andrew, do you  
know anything about Redmine? I was looking through the specs and felt  
like it would be a good way for us to keep organized.

3. Professor Bongard suggests that we talk to Sentient (company that  
produces sensors to provide health monitoring) for possible funding or  
sensor donations.

4. Professor Wu mentioned that we could potentially get funding from  
Undergraduate Research Funds. I'll try to meet with him before  
drafting the project proposal.

5. Tucci, if you have the time, do you want to do some reading on  
satellite based GPS devices and see how much it would cost to get  
phones with a reasonable data sending policy? We also need to ensure  
that the GPS information is accessible and that text messages have  
adequate space to send data... If it can send X,Y coordinates and we  
can get timee sent (which I'm assuming would be trivial) we should be  
all set.

The faster we can get the OCELOT project finished, the faster we can  
configure apache & mysql to have a testable work environment.

I'll send updates as the night goes on. Cheers!

- Michael E. Karpeles

UVM ACM Chapter
CSSA Vice President
CSSA Secretary