Chris: Superb job keeping us on on track. I'll try to get things  
organized and send out notices over the listserv as I get things  

Evan: Thanks for getting our mail organized. Shoot us updates once you  
figure out how google groups will fit into the scheme.

Gary: Thanks for all the updates and helping me to transition - you're the man

Leif: Good follow up, we should be able to hack out comparable  
software ourselves (just might be a little bit of a challenge.

Jake: Good points. We can't be perfect though and I think most people  
who don't have strong tech backgrounds will appreciate the raised  
awareness about alternative open source software. :o)

~ In other news:

I can pick up food for the BBQ, did we want to do it this Friday or  
next? What works best for you CSSA-ers? I'm sure we can get reimbursed  
for the cost of the BBQ (up to $500 or so). I can also pick up some  
blank CDs at some point to burn distros (although I think we should  
still have some available at the lab).

Leif and Chris, good work with that GPS tracking insight. I thought of  
a cool scheme today to hack out cheap phone data plans... We get one  
unlimited plan and 5 or so plans that have "favorite 5" (call 5 people  
for free). Each of the phones we get will have our UNLIMITED plan as a  
favorited user... The phones will forward messages to the unlimited  
plan and the unlimited plan will relay the message to our server.

Gary, I did get that info about WRUV requesting help with their Linux  
boxes and website... I'll contact them as soon as I have a chance.

On the Mek side of things, I hope to have our finance taken care of  
tonight or tomorrow. If anyone has any budget suggestions, shoot me an  
email or catch me in the hacker lab tomorrow.

Andrew and Chris, what's the progress on the parts for our server? I'd  
like to get them ordered this week so we can have them and start the  
build process next week.

Also, in the near future we should look into redoing our website... I  
think Aaron might be a good person to get in on that project. Aaron  
also expressed interest in the cluster. That's something I'd also like  
to get started on.

Finally, let's make sure we're hitting up different classes  
(especially first and second year undergraduate students) and follow  
up with those who are interested. I will try my best to hit up some  
classes tomorrow. Robin, I'll send you an email explaining which  
classes I've hit so far!

Happy hacking all.

- Michael E. Karpeles

UVM ACM Chapter
CSSA Vice President
CSSA Secretary