I was going to send this just to the list of emails I took from the  
sugar group present at the meeting last wednesday, but I realized that  
other members are interested in the project that weren't on that list.  
  Thus it is also sent through the listserve.  If you are working on  
the Ecological Sugar Project and weren't at the meeting last wednesday  
the 23rd, please email me!

Hey Sugar Group,

Awesome meeting last wednesday!  I really thought everyones  
contributions to our conversation were great and I am exited for this  
semester, we have a lot of potential.

We plan to meet this wednesday the 30th at 7:15pm in the same room as  
last time (254).  Dan Baker is planning on bringing pictures and  
explaining the situation in more detail.  Then I hope to split up into  
the three groups (oven geometry, emissions, grate/fuel), with the  
possibility of adding a new group (community outreach?).  So before  
the meeting and throughout Dans presentation try to think about what  
interests you the most about the project.  Also take time to review  
the attached WBS and give me feedback (via email or at the meeting).

This is a very important meeting to get new members up to date and  
gain momentum on our project, so please try your best to make it and  
let me know if you can't.  Older members: try to bring anything you  
created in your groups last year so we can show new members.

I'm really looking foward to our meeting and hope to see you all there!