Hello Everyone,

I hope classes are continuing to go well!

EWB will be meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 9/23, at 7:15 in Votey 254.  
Peter DeGraff, a professional engineer, one of our fabulous advisors,  
and President of the professional chapter of Engineers Without Borders  
- Vermont, will be giving a brief presentation on the processes  
consulting engineers undergo when planning out a project. We are  
fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about these steps, and get  
the chance to apply these ideas before actually graduating and getting  
our first real jobs. I believe the practice of this process now as  
undergraduate students will give us a boost when finding a job after  

We will be using this knowledge in our individual project groups to  
define a scope for the semester and create a Ghant chart (like a  
timeline/schedule) for the semester. Planning is one of the most  
important parts in planning out and following through on a project!

If you have yet to decide which group (one of the three oven groups or  
water group) you are interested in, please join us anyway--all  
thoughts and ideas are helpful!

See everyone tomorrow!