I cant get the link to work. Its not accepting my password and not  
sending me my password.

Quoting Kent Saunders <[log in to unmask]>:

> As UVM starts to roll out the new password strength and expiration
> policy with regards to NetID's, this may effect some NotifyLink users.
> If you'll recall, when you first setup your NotifyLink account you
> needed to supply your NetID password.  NotifyLink uses that stored
> password to interface with the mail and calendar systems, and keep your
> BlackBerry in sync.
> When your NetID password changes, you need to update it in NotifyLink.
> You can update your passwords here:
> https://notifylink.uvm.edu/client/clientlogin.php
> Your username is the email address you specified in your application for
> an account, and the password is one you picked at account creation.
> -kent