Hi Michele - It's Penny from NEMRC -


I am copying information that Craig, our IT guy, tells me about your
question - maybe it will give you a little help.


One alternative is called 'paperless'.  The record lives on the computer and
is backed up.  Unless there is an administrative or legal obligation for a
second paper copy, there is no need for printed paper.


There may be custom form implications in their change in disconnect notices,
and this should be investigated by NEMRC.


I suppose it is possible to purchase perforated single sheets down the
middle, so that 2 copies could be printed on one page, torn in half, and one
half kept.


A network copier can print very inexpensively, perhaps $.01/page, and 2
copies printed in this manner may not be objectionable.


Maybe this information is a little bit of help to you?  Let us know if we
can help you forward from here.thanks!  Penny, NEMRC


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We currently use a dot matrix printer to print disconnect notices for water
and waste water, whereby we have the pink original to be mailed and a
duplicate copy for our records.  Would like to switch over to printing these
on a laser jet printer.   Looking to see what others are doing as we would
like to avoid printing a second set on the laser printer for our records.  




Lyndon Assistant Town Clerk