We use NEMRC as we need a comprehensive accounting package with separate modules for Tax, Utility Billing, a local options tax and various other revenues, as well as purchase orders and AP.  Further, integration was a must, in order to streamline our operation with 7,000 tax bills and 6,500 water & sewer customers.  NEMRC is also a good platform for a more complex chart of accounts that can be adjusted, which we need, as well as access for department heads to monitor their financial results day to day, directly, and a cash receipts (point of sale) interface for collection.  The price of NEMRC is very good and they are willing to customize the package to meet your needs, and the disaster recovery plan is excellent—which was an important consideration for Rutland City.


We converted last year from MUNIS which was an ASP system (we didn’t have control over the storage of our own data) and we could not give the Department Heads meaningful read-only access with that system, which was important to us.  Providing this type of access would not be possible with Quickbooks, I am guessing, although its simplicity is certainly attractive for a small town that can maintain tax on NEMRC and your GL on Quickbooks.


Wendy Wilton

Rutland City Treasurer

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We use Quick Books in Fayston as well and like Sally, enjoy flexibility, reports and ease of use by both us and our auditors.  It does come with a fairly hefty update price tag but I do like the automatic payroll/tax updates.  We are a Town with few employees and just under 1200 properties.  


Patti Lewis


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Hi Roberta,

I use Quickbooks and like it a lot. We are professionally audited every year, and our auditors understand Quickbooks and know which reports to ask me for. I also designed a database for tracking tax payments, dog licenses, vital records and land records (latter two in progress!) and like that too. Both QBks and the database export easlily into Excel which is helpful when sharing info between the programs or with others or just to manipulate it. I also figure that even if we go to another system at some point, information in a spreadsheet format is usually easily transferable. We are a small town (560+-), I'm pretty adept at computer programs and enjoy the control and flexibility I have, but I can understand that this wouldn't work for everybody nor for larger towns. Good luck!

Sally Hoyler
Town Clerk/Treasurer
PO Box 10
Ripton, VT 05766
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I was wondering what towns we have out there that are NOT using the NEMRC accounting software and if so, what software are you using?  Likes and dislikes?  Compliance to auditing procedures?

Thank you!


Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT
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