I just spoke to Marotti's yesterday and what we are doing is buying some
archival 32# paper from Staples and I am using Microsoft Word to put the
grids on the paper (the same columns that are currently on the paper).
We decided in our office not to put Applicant A or B or Bride or Groom
or Spouse as any of our headings but instead will just cross reference
everyone by their last name with their partner.  We have decided to
start a brand new index book effective September 1st.




Donna Kinville

City of South Burlington

City Clerk and Treasurer



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Subject: Indexing civil marriage licenses


I know that there has been a lot of discussion surrounding indexing of
the civil marriages on index cards, but I have not read anything about
general indexes.  We are a hospital town and do not use index cards for
our vitals, we just use general index books.  The index pages have
bridge and groom on top of different colored pages.  Does anyone else
only use the general index books?  We have received back our first Sept
marriage license already and are trying to figure out how to index it.
We called Marotti's but they have not created any new pages or general
index books.




Sara Haskins,

Assistant  Town Clerk Morristown