Facebook, YouTube, personal email and the like are open in all classrooms
and labs to adults and students. It's a 9-12 school. The common stations in
the library have some things restricted like facebook due to sporadic

That's where we sit currently. We based the proposed change on: "Education
is not best delivered through denial of service." The changes opened up the
network to students and adults to, well,... use. Two years running on this

Students had a large hand in rewriting the AUP which is now titled "Network
Usage Agreement" here. There was some poker playing aka give and take whilst
advancing perceptions and discussions on the topic... but the outcome has
advanced conversations on all fronts. I think that's a good thing. Here's
the summary:

Bruce Wayne
RLab at Burr and Burton Academy

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>  Have any high schools opened up Social Networking sites to all such as
> Facebook, MySpace, Ning?  Is anyone else tired of that battle and sees some
> good reasons to have them open at school?
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