We purchased 6 new HP desktops a couple of years back. Don't even ask 
me what they are as I am home.
But, I/we have been quite happy. No problems to report. They under 
bid Dell by $100/computer.
That being said, we have had, and still have, quite a few Dell desk 
tops and have replaced one power supply and done a little bit of 
parts scavenging, a cd drive here, a power button there. No big deal.

The biggest problem with Dell is that you can usually buy the same 
machine that they quote you on a lot less expensively by watching 
their retail ads and buying that way. Most of our Dells were 
purchased at retail so to speak. So you end up with a lot of speakers 
that you don't need, so what.


At 02:32 PM 9/25/2009, you wrote:
>After the overwhelming enthusiasm for HP laptops expressed here in my
>query regarding a proposed switch from Dell, we purchased 55 of the HP
>model 6735b. So far, we are very pleased with them - both the price and
>the performance.  So, thanks again for your help.
>We are not replacing many desktops this year, but I do need to purchase a
>few.  Again, I'm pretty happy with the quality of the Optiplex systems
>we've used over the years (I've bought nothing but Optiplex desktops since
>the spring of '96), and their support continues to be fairly good, but,
>when I was looking for laptops, I couldn't seem to find a salesperson who
>wanted to sell me anything.  I may give Dell another chance, but, just in
>case I get blown off again:  anyone out there care to offer an endorsement
>of another make of desktop?
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