Our meeting room has a VGA amp feeding the ceiling mounted projector and
also a touchscreen. A parallel video feed goes from DVD player to same
projector via S-Video. 

Our problem is that there is no actual TV, so closed captioning is absent.
Playing a DVD is OK, but no closed captioning ...

Have not come up with a solution, as the projector does not caption.

Bill Clark
Austine School for the Deaf

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I posted a similar question but it sounds like few among us are doing it...
Ideally the cameras will "pass through" the computer VGA output, but they
dumb down the resolution to 800x600. Two VGA inputs to projector is
cumbersome and many projectors don't have it. S-Video from camera is an
option, but image quality is degraded. An alternative may be to run two
cables to the projector and switch it there. I am looking into dedicated
video switching boxes: 2 input, one output with XGA (1024x768) minimum
resolution for all signals.

Good luck - any additional tips out there?


on 9/3/09 3:41 PM, Jean Campbell wrote:

> Hi All,
> As we are rolling out more Elmo/Pojector/Laptops combos to our teachers,
> request has come up for a "splitter" so that you don't have to unplug
> when you want to switch from computer to elmo.  Anyone know of such a
> Thanks, Jean
> Jean Campbell
> CESU Technology Support
> 211 Browns Trace 
> Jericho, VT 05465
> Phone: 802-858-1726
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