Skype is great - we had a 1/2 class keep in touch with a classmate traveling
in Peru last spring. Sometimes a little choppy (bandwidth on their end, I
suspect), but considering WHAT we were doing it was phenomenal! We have also
done interviews via Skype. Free software, cheap camera & mic. Done.


on 9/23/09 12:20 PM, Rick Mallon wrote:

> Here is one from my Special Services director:
> "Can we create a live feed from one classroom to another classroom? We would
> like to be able to have some student's in XXXX's room watching the
> instruction in YYYY's room. This would facilitate the need for XXXX to be
> able to talk to the students she has without interrupting the class YYYY
> has. We have also talked about using this for in-school suspensions. What
> would it take?"
> Is anyone doing something like this. I'm thinking Skype might work, but
> would require a decent video camera. - RickM
> Rick Mallon, Technology Coordinator, St Johnsbury School District, St
> Johnsbury, VT 05819 -
> "I'd rather be flying!"

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