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Subject: Re: information kiosk with video monitor

The setup at our middle school is very similar: what started as a desire for
a scrolling marquee turned into a large TV connected (S-Video & Audio) to a
computer in the office running Powerpoint. We have also played slideshows,
video, and streaming news events (inauguration) and it has been a great
addition, however there are times when we lack for content and we are
currently exploring ways to get students more involved: perhaps a rotating
responsibility among our Advisory Groups.


on 9/2/09 12:39 PM, Jean Campbell wrote:

> We have a computer in our main lobby that is behind plexiglass.  The admin
> does morning announcements each day,  creates a powerpoint of the Morning
> announcements. We gave her access to remote control into the lobby
> and start the Powerpoint which runs continuously all day on that computer.
> have a regular computer plugged onto a 26" monitor for easier viewing.
> Jean
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>>>> Susan Monmaney <[log in to unmask]> 9/2/2009 12:27 PM >>>
> Hi all,
> Our school would like to set up an information kiosk in the lobby. This
> have some fliers, posters, and brochures, and we would also like a video
> terminal that could show the daily announcements (possibly in a scrolling
> marquee, but not necessary) and possibly other informational videos.
> Any suggestions for how to set this up? Recommended equipment? Software?
> Thanks for any advice you can give!
> Sue
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