We put the following procedure in place last year at BFA Fairfax and
problems greatly decreased.

Cart Procedures
Make sure the cart is plugged in, switch(es) are on in the back and the
network cable is plugged in. 
Please encourage students to use “start” and “shut down” to
turn off the computers.
Make sure students don’t shut the covers on the laptops until there
is a black screen and the power is off (or they won’t charge
Students need to sign out the computer they are using in the binder
provided. Please remind students to use the computers gently.  (Don’t
pop off the keys.) 
Please lock up the computers when you leave the classroom.
When you return the cart to its home base make sure to plug it in to
If you ask students to pick up or return the cart please remind them to
be responsible.  (no riding on the cart)
If you find a damaged computer please email tech support as soon as
possible and make a note in the binder.  (If the damaged appears to have
happened while the cart was signed out to you and your students please
feel free to investigate on your own.)  (It is getting to be quite
costly to repair damage to the keyboards and it takes the computers out
of use.)
The teacher should also be monitoring the students while they are using
the computers.

Student Responsibility Log - (This is a binder kept with each cart.)
As a student removes a laptop from the cart he/she should:
1. check to see that the computer is undamaged.  
If the computer is damaged report the damage to the teacher at the
beginning of class (for damage reported at the end of the class or the
beginning of the next class it will be assumed that the most recent user
caused the damage.)
Teachers: Please email tech1, as soon as possible, if you find a
damaged or non-functioning computer.
2.  write his/her name next to that computer’s number in the log
3.  take care of the computer while it is in his/her possession and
4.  return the computer to the cart in undamaged condition. (Teachers
you should be looking at the computers as they are returned as well.)

Finally it is important for someone (tech person or teacher volunteer)
to monitor the binders and check the laptops every few days.

Nancy Gross

Technology Integration Specialist
Bellows Free Academy
Fairfax, VT 05454
802 849 6711 x2611

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>>> John McSweeney <[log in to unmask]> 9/4/2009 6:50 AM >>>
Our High School and Middle school teachers will meet today to outline 

guidelines for new mobile laptop cart. Would appreciate any existing
documents or rules governing sign outs, locking up/security,  
responsibility for keeping things charged, student use expectations.  
thanks in advance

george raynak
technology director
franklin nw supervisory union
100 robin hood drive
swanton, vt 05488
802 868-4967 x14

John McSweeney
Cabot School Technologist
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